Retired Racehorse Project Benefit Workshop

May 25, 2024 at Pacific Farms in Hume, VA

Join us in Hume, VA for a workshop about all things Off-Track Thoroughbred, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Retired Racehorse Project!

We will begin with a groundwork and ponying demo, showing how we begin our horses in their journey off of the racetrack and into successful and solid citizens. After this, we will have three sessions (plus lunch!) to practice groundwork, foundations of flatwork, and cavaletti or gymnastics, depending on the level of horse and rider.

Registration: $210 Auditors: $52

Why a “workshop” and not a “clinic”?

Because we problem solve and work on developing each horse and rider as individuals and what YOU need, and not a strict, pre-conceived plan. Groups will be customized to best suit the needs of all. After the groups wrap up, we will have a wine and cheese party/Q&A session!

All levels and disciplines welcome. This is a PERFECT outing for your #TBMakeover hopeful, and certainly all #TBMakeoverGrads are welcome. And while the focus IS on the OTTB, if you do not have one YET, please reach out if you need a schoolmaster to practice on. Select horses can be available for lease for the day. Additionally, we will not be DNA testing horses. All enthusiasts are welcome!

Please use the desktop version of the Pegasus app to sign up with the link below.

Come ride with us!

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